A Panda Love Affair To Remember

As far as I can remember, it’s been quite a while since I felt that tinge of creative passion to write in my blog. For the past few weeks, there had been so many circumstances in my life and it wasn’t that easy for me to move on but eventually I did!

Life… ah well, no one can really give true justice to the real meaning of it. May it be for tons and tons of scientific or religious explanation, even the great philosophers can’t define why such events and happenings strangely occur as a person’s existence come and go.

Strange eh? Well… the universe must have a reason that even man could not fathom. Like that unexplainable feeling when I met “Darcy”, it was totally love at first sight. The moment we met… ah, I couldn’t help but totally fall in love — even head over heels! The feeling of comfort and peace was all there. I even flashed my brightest smile even though it was just the first time. Though I’m a very busy person and time is of the essence to me — I never hesitated on staying a bit longer, my world was swirling with real happiness as we spent quality time together.

And thankfully, it was all worth it. I went home with a happy heart and a very full tummy ❤

Located along Damosa Gateway, Mamay Road corner J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City — Darcy’s Place stands proud and cheerfully invites customers through their very cute and chubby display of panda stuffed toys, chic lit books, coffee mugs, artsy portraits, cute trinkets, and even bamboo bonsai ferns. The place gives off that really happy and peaceful vibe that makes their loyal customers keep coming back for more.

10268670_791158781004293_9140365515729969836_n 10414844_791158947670943_5814175241733826704_n 10985027_791158704337634_5372303345072647763_n 10985176_791158724337632_6160540612976060764_n 11665382_791153711004800_2222548192487384678_n 11665493_791158934337611_1786601467652299163_n 11666128_791158541004317_3594995007167598274_n 11709592_791158817670956_3689996779559977176_n 11709621_791158401004331_3141824604144025191_n

And their simply delicious food….mmmm just thinking about it again makes me want to go back.

Every Monday to Thursday from 8am to 11am, they serve these two pieces of yummy homemade pancakes plus unlimited freshly brewed Café Americano for only P99 per meal. How cool is that?

Just last month of April, they started their Pasta Friday Madness promo for only P250 you get to savor unlimited gourmet pasta dishes from various origins every Fridays of the month from 6pm to 10pm. They also have a wide variety of yummy food in their menu that’s indeed sure to please your palate.

1509797_791153081004863_1566692167906341997_n 11009193_791153407671497_6636360839038915351_n 11666252_791153357671502_2730021664618938457_n

Sending good vibes all the way! When you’re in Davao City, don’t forget to have your happy dose of Panda-awesomeness, great coffee and delicious food at ‪Darcy’s Place. Don’t forget to take a selfie though. Click! Click! Flash! Flash! xoxo ❤


I ♥ Candy Cosmic Carnival Cupcakes ☾✧

NP: Lost In Space — Lighthouse Family

I’ve always been fascinated with the majestic colorful beauty of the aurora and the cosmos — they are not just some topological space elements. To me they are the universe’s DNA, an astronomical imprint of evolution. They are heavenly storehouses, containing  the records of the development of the universe over millions of years, and bearing the indelible memory of the powerful forces that shaped it…

A few weeks ago, my favorite Youtube icons Michelle Phan made this cosmic inspired tutorial with her friends and Eugenie Kitchen made a video of yummy tie-dye rainbow donuts. I was just so hooked that it inspired me to get really creative with this fascination of the celestial images.

I literally ended up making my own version of the cosmic space, but this time with what I love the most — CUPCAKES!

Here’s the list of ingredients and procedures:

For the cupcake batter
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup cake flour
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon iodized salt
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup evaporated milk
1/4 cup water
1 egg
food coloring in 6 different hues (I used Wilton)

For the buttercream
1 cup shortening
2 cups powdered sugar
1 tablespoon milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350°F.
In a large bowl, mix the dry ingredients together until well combined.
3  In another bowl, combine the wet ingredients.
Add dry ingredients to  wet ingredients. Mix well with a spatula.
Divide batter among 5 different bowls.
6 Use a toothpick to place a dot of food coloring into each bowl. Mix well using a spoon or spatula.
7 Spoon different colored batter in thin layers into baking cups until three-fourths full.
Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until set. Let cool on a wire rack.
9  Make the butter cream: In a large bowl, combine shortening, sugar, milk, and vanilla. Using a hand mixer, beat ingredients until light and fluffy. Transfer into a piping bag.
10  Ice cooled cupcakes with butter cream. Icing tip:  To make a variety of cosmic rainbow effects, use toothpicks to swirl the different colors together.

TieDyeBatterBowls TieDyeCupcakesSide TieDyeCupcakeTop TieDyeCupcakeTrio

Bored with the same old cupcakes? You really must try this one, and it’ll surely be worth all the time and effort! Bake it with your family or friends and just have fun while doing it… we did! I was just so glad that my first try on this epic cosmic cupcake wasn’t a fail at all! In fact, it was a hit!

These cosmic inspired cupcakes are, hands down, some of the cutest cupcakes I’ve had in a very long time. They’re so perfect for the summer season too! The fun colors make the cupcakes vibrant (hashtag happiness) – and, frankly, they’re just too cute NOT to eat!

I had such an amazing time baking and catching up with friends after, that I’m hoping I can do more recipe blog projects again soon! What do you suggest? Anyone? 🙂 Sprinkle some lovin’ stardust, and shoot me a message! ❤

x o x o ❤ ❤ ❤

∞ Here’s mine for the cosmic universe ૐ
and I was like… hey Iggy Azalea, I’m so fancy too! Wuht?

There’s a Cheesecake for Everybody: Where to Get Your Cheesecake Fix in Digos City

Blueberry cheesecake makes me think like a little bit of heavenly lovin’ here…

Imagine a velvety soft and luscious cream bodied together with a finely crushed crust, and topped with assorted delicious ingredients like savory fruits, crunchy nuts, sweet syrups — anything you can ever fancy of. Everybody loves cheesecake, may it be baked or no-bake.

Last November 2014, I started learning to whip up my own recipe of this amazingly immaculate dessert and my first taste testers were my family, and my apartment landlords Rodney and Eve Dixon (who, later on became my avid customers). Generally, people loves the no-bake cheesecake version because of its light ice-creamy texture. Unlike its baked counterpart which is a bit dry and almost like a pastry.

My version of the No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake is made with pure cream cheese and premium ingredients. Some of my customers are not a fan of sweets so I try to do a bit of moderation here and there for the right balance of flavors, just the way I like my cheesecakes. If you also love no-bake cheesecake and you happen to be in our humble city of Digos, try out Kalipay Kopikeyks No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake. You can contact me through my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/letsconrealities

Oh well, I never thought we’d end up on another food trip with the office mates (been rambling about CAKES in the office all day). It was a bit rainy so we ended up going to Shuttlecock Cafe and Gym. Located right between Roxas Extension and Luna Extension (at the back of Fire and Ice), this very spacious coffee shop slash badminton gym is just the right place for a good slice of cake.

All pastries are baked fresh every day in their very own commissary, including their mouthwatering cheesecakes. Really nice ambiance…..like I could just bring a book and feel carefree sitting in their big sofa couches while listening to their cool jazz music and sipping my smoothie.

They have a very good list of food in the menu, we ordered No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake (it was out of curiosity for me). My office mates ordered Choco Loco To-Go, and Spaghetti. In an instant, we got our cake cravings fixed. Y U M M Y !

Need a cheesecake fix? Don’t forget to share a slice…