Let’s Beef It Up: Newest Steakhouse In Digos City

The first time I’ve seen Upperfarm Steakhouse was through a friend’s referral on Facebook, and I’ve been following his page for updates since. The definitive name of the place substantially gave me the thought of a laid-back local ranch type steakhouse that’s really easy on the budget.

It was suddenly all the rave in Digos, probably because it was the newest eating place in the city. Their popularity level was so high that it made quite a big impression on the local food lovers.

True, their place gives off this charming farm inspired vibe. The ambiance during daytime is totally different during the night. Although the whole place comes to life with glorious orange-y light bulbs around evenings, I just like it better throughout the day.

They also have this very impressive quote in their menus saying appreciation to the owner’s parents who are both farm lovers, which really gives quite a nice imprint to the customers that their family friendly restaurant is a dedication of unconditional love.

Their imported from Australia steaks boast of real freshness, they literally show to you the frozen meat first in a cut-board before they cook it. Their shoestring potatoes (Php75) is really crispy and good enough for three, they also have the other round-cut version of the potato chips.The thought of these lightly salted deep-fried crisp goodies just makes my mouth water as I type my blog right now . . . .


Their burgers (Php150 and up) are 100% pure juicy beef goodness with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and their secret signature sauce. They also have flavorful bucket buffalo wings (a total shocker to me, because I was thinking of big juicy wings ala Max’s but then hello it’s Upperfarm so it made me think maybe they’re using poultry grown native chickens here and that’s definitely good news to health) where you can choose what seasoning and sauce you’d like on it, prices range from Php110-half pound, Php220-one pound, and Php280-trio sampler. Yum yum!

We just couldn’t get enough photographs and memories. The vibe is totally friendly and overwhelming that hopefully I can come again soon. Definitely superb, a must try in Digos City. Also, check out their Facebook Page here for more updates and don’t forget to search ‪#‎UpperfarmSteakhouse‬ 🙂


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Timeless Filipino Favorite: Special Batchoy Noodle Soup

…but things just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do. And I would gladly hit the road, get up and go if I knew that someday it would lead me back to you…that someday it would lead me back to you. That maybe all I need, in darkness she is all I see. Come and rest your bones with me. Driving slow on Sunday morning, and I never want to leave. ~Maroon5


Today I met an old friend way back high school days, we got reunited and talked about a lot of things — mostly about web programming, engineering jobs, and Vietnam (since she was already working there). I was so fascinated with the way she talked about Vietnam and their way of living. In fact, their food there is as delicious and appetizing as our food here in the Philippines.

As our conversation heightened from work to food, she started talking about her favorite little pho stall in Hanoi that she really likes to eat at. It’s called Pho Thin. During weekends, she goes there for a morning pick-me-up with a savory bowl of pho (beef noodles) right after an early jog in the park. Well, it’s been a proven fact that this flagship family noodle shop is truly a regal testament to its popular legacy.

Just like our version of batchoy noodle soup here, theirs are also served with the right ratio of broth and noodles: with perfect slices of beef and some rarely cooked steak that’s topped onto these flavorful noodles and garnished with fresh green onions.

…and with that inspiration, I’m making another food blog today ❤ 🙂

I'm not actually going to rush out and eat a bowl of noodle soup haha! I wonder if anyone around here is a fan of mango smoothies like me? If you happen to be around our humble city of Digos, check out our ever so regal Prangel's Snack Inn that has been around for generations. Located at Magsaysay Street, they also have a bigger branch along the Davao-Cotabato National Highway, just a few meters from Digos City Diversion Junction. It is right across the Benedictine Monastery, which makes it a good stop from long trips before going back on the road.

They serve a lot of home-cooked meals, variety pasta dishes, desserts, and delicious smoothies which is just right for budget-conscious people like me. My friend and I ordered Mango Smoothies and Kilawin paired with boiled rice (Kilawín is a raw seafood or meat dish from the Philippines, similar to Ceviche). It's absolutely and refreshingly cool to the palate, the creamy-sweet Mango Smoothie contrasts the sourness slash spiciness of the Kilawin. I'm telling you, this pair is totally a thumbs-up for this summer season!


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Oops…in the end we still ordered a steaming bowl of their really delicious and bursting of flavorful spices Special Batchoy Noodle Soup (yes, they have it on their menu too). X O X O

Here you go… I wonder what classic stories have been shared upon this timeless Filipino favorite: