And I Was Like… OMG it’s Us The Duo

Life — we can learn a lot of lessons on just about everything that we encounter, from the iconic people who keep inspiring us to the music we’re always listening to.

But first, must listen to: Rita Ora (no matter what, I’ll always love you Britney, Beyonce, and Taylor).

Her beats are full of raw feminine power, and her lyrics are so uplifting and almost kinda spiritual. I’ve already gushed about her when I heard I Will Never Let You Down, but even that can’t be said with enough justice after my office mate introduced Young Single and Sexy, which became an immediate addition to my favorite early morning coffee jams.

In her song Grateful she talks about real things in life which is a total counterpart of the typical slayin’ fave Black Widow and the very glambitious Roc’ The Life slow rap game with that old school hip hop vibe.

She’s like on another level with her powerful music. One of the things I love most about Rita Ora is the genuine dedication and that feel of connection she puts to all of her songs — she’s got significant point or central theme in sound and message.

Check out her site to hear more from her and to check on tour dates.

But then again, I’m here mainly to share the appreciation I feel towards the indie music (indie music sang by couples is getting a lot popular these days) that’s brought about by this adorable duet called Us The Duo.

I’ve been eyeing them (yup literally from their updates on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram) since I first heard their song No Matter Where You Are from the movie Book of Life. Their Mexican sugar skull inspired music video is super romantic! Oh well… and so here comes another idea to the never ending bucket list of hash tag relationship goals.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these Youtube couple sensations too: Tyler Ward + Alex G, also a huge fan of the famous musician ❤ beauty guru TEAM ELLEX Alex Goot + Elle Fowler, and last but not the least Alex Kinsey & Sierra Deaton (the famous American pop duo who won the 3rd and final season of X-Factor USA).

Oh but I just looove the chemistry and love story behind this folk-pop couple Carissa Rae Martin and Michael Alvarado, the way they sync their voices whenever they sing is whoa pure harmony. But it’s not just purely their music, I also admire Carissa’s bohemian fashion sense. She’s so lucky to have such an amazing voice, and it’s a plus because she’s proudly half Filipino like Bruno Mars.

And when they went to Manila for a FREE meet and greet with more than 1000 fans, I was really hooked that I asked one of my friends from there to go see and oh my gosh I could still feel the tingle of excitement from here! Checkout the short video clip of their visit here.

Heck, I was like oh my gosh these people are just super lucky to see these adorable couple in person. ❤

All of their songs are really good, but Never Gonna Leave You is my most favorite (even the funny Youtube comedy couple icons Rolanda and Richard made a hit video parody of this song, and made it big with 18 million views).

By the way, sign-up to their official newsletter site to be the first to know (yes, they will come back for more) about exclusive news, promos and upcoming tours in the country! You may also want to check their Facebook page for more updates. Peace! X O X O

P.S. Who else here in the Philippines are true-blue fans of Us The Duo? Spread some real love! Let’s keep in touch, shoot me a message 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤