Of Love Calls, Pandas, Shades of Blue, Muses, Jolin Tsai, OOTD’s, and Paris

This’ll be quick and short. It’s 2:30am already and I’m still – yep I’m saying the word – B U S Y, well, in this case it’s because I’m still waiting for a long distance call hopefully anytime now because UGH I still have work early tomorrow (or shall I say later) and I really don’t like that habitual application of sticky concealers or BB / CC / DD creams *sigh* for that matter because I hate too much makeup (I’m a loose-powder-and-lip-tint-only kind of person) but this time, if I won’t THEN I would look like a panda due to lack of sleep.

This blog has been without any updates again and I just hate it when that happens. So even though I’m not really a blogger, here’s another update, just to keep this blog alive . . . .

By the way, before I even begin. What’s all this deal on alphabet creams? I personally cannot wait until we finally get to ZZ creams so we can put alphabet creams to rest. They’re smart products that give excellent results, but actually choosing the best one for you is confusing.  True story: the difference is not necessarily the product in the tube, but what the beauty brands are saying about it. Here’s the real deal:


At the end of the day, each category overlaps to the point where the differentiation is almost non-existent. The upside is they are all great products that can be very beneficial for the skin. The downside is sorting through the many varieties to determine which would work better for you. (This just in: We now have a “GG” cream.) Wait….whaaat?!

There is an alphabet cream out there for you—let’s just hope that brands don’t try to exhaust the entire alphabet! It’s just so absurd!

Oh well. . . . 

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s been another busy weekend unraveling life’s amazing surprises. Quite a few of them are discovering new friends, new favorite hangouts, new favorite food, and probably new hobby — photography. I’m still new to this kind of passion so I guess I still have to learn a bit of tweaking on angles and do a lot of artsy stuff here and there.

Recently, I’ve found new love with my own version on the art of photoplay. I simply call it rainbow unicorn ~ like, literally, you only focus the good part of your magical happy thoughts on the middle top part of your muse which actually seems to cut the end point of the scenery and totally makes it invisible.

When the mercury soars, I seek solace in taking photographs on loose silhouettes, cool blue colors and uhm what else ooh fashion! Blue has always been my most favorite shade (not to mention, since my birthstone is sapphire) and the lighter it is the more serene it looks.

I’m not some fashion expert or stylist but oh well, I guess I will keep my write up short today as my photographs are doing all the talking.


❤ But first , lemme set you in the mood >> NP: Jolin Tsai — Play


>> SEXY LBD (black no more). Starting off with my fashionista high school batch mate. Little Black Dress is a very common trend already, everyone must have that sexy little blue dress for a change. Don’t you just loooove to have something like this in your closet? Ooh #sexyback


. . . really love her mix and match of blue colors here! The flower printed blue pointy-toe flats are just fabulous! Her charming blouse and skirt ensembles are so pretty and dainty — totally brings out the stylish beautiful lady in her. Please do check out more of Gab’s stylish looks on Facebook. XOXO ❤


>> METALLIC COPPER got ATTITUDE. Lovin’ this  badass J-pop (by the way, that’s japanese pop) inspiration.


>> COLOR BLOCKING goes classic with a twist.


>> THE ALPHA MALE. FYI . . . cobalt blue shades make you look LEAN.


>>  STRIPES just got livelier and fresher, like, YUM OM NOM NOM!


. . . . and don’t you just love these neon mint blue jelly flats?


. . . . oops, can’t help but love these arm candies and chunky rings ❤


>> well, you can always wear it the BOLD & ADVENTUROUS way_DSC0348



. . . . and by being bold & adventurous, need I say more? 


>> NEONS aren’t just for girls. They look super good on boys too!



. . . pardon me but I just love these oxfords. They’re so K-Pop!


>> And wow last but not the least, I really have to post this as special mention. Super love the MIX and MATCH of blue shades here! Meet my fashionista friend since high school, a true-blue stylist, designer, and fashion guru — Nidey Gica. Special thanks to Fossil timepiece, Massimo Dutti for the shoes, Zara For Him and Topman for the outfit. Oh the perks of photography! 


…check out more of my bestie’s fashion looks on Facebook  

Blue is a fail-proof color must-have and it’s extremely easy to style and pair with almost anything. In fact, my tip for a casual day wear is: When in doubt, wear blue!

Hope you had a great weekend guys! I will see you soon with a new post! Mwah mwah mwah! XOXO :)

You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for daily updates on my mundane musings. 

P.S. ∞ Here’s mine for the OOTD ❤ to the cerulean moon and back ૐ



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