Banana Pancake Friday

No work today yaay!

Which means I got to finally do some stuff that I’ve been wanting to do since last week: finish editing my summer video (with the cousins and relatives) which I’m hoping to post very soon on my next blog about the latest travel destinations here in our humble city of Digos (Southern Mindanao, Philippines).

I’m so excited about this, it was way back in college days since my last movie editing project. I’ve been sitting all day having fun editing and making clips.

Oops that’s my little daughter, sleeping…  *Wink Wink*

Flare Lite_20150501_170945

It was like crazy these past few weeks, but thankfully I’m feeling a lot better now. Blame it on these exercises from Blogilates that I’ve been doing for a month now. I used to love doing Just Dance versions for my exercise routine but Blogilates has a lot of discipline and motivation that really drove me into this change of routine. So there BOOM I switched for the better.

Cassey of Blogilates really aims for the kill! She really tortures you and at the same time makes you love it. How crazy is that? It’s like total abomination of the body system, her easy moves (albeit simplicity) actually buuurns!

At first I was feeling really sore all over. Yes, literally, my whole body ached for like a week or two, and it’s really difficult to move around (especially for the first three days) let alone laugh or even cough. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

But now that I survived April, I’m looking forward for the whole month of May. Yesss body goals for the kill haha just kidding! As Cassey said “No Maybes”, besides “It’s Gonna Be May”.

She’s probably having another LSS to this classic N’Sync beat while doing another new pilates video. Well, who doesn’t love N’Sync? I can’t seem to get enough of the song too, and the lyrics are very MOTIVATIONAL and really pushes you to MOVE ON. Ayyyt! How cute is that meme?


Oh well….

I did some recipe of banana pancakes from Cassey’s recommendations of Cheap Clean Eats. Well, guess what?! It’s really easy to make, and it’s very healthy too! Using just 1 ripe banana (thinly sliced) and 2 eggs (yes, all the whites and yolks). I mixed the ingredients all at once in my trusty ol’ portable blender until smooth.

Flare Lite_20150501_180714 Flare Lite_20150501_180934

I made a few batches of these really delicious healthy banana pancakes and it’s a real winner! Nice flavor and very light to the tummy.

Especially ideal during rush hours to the office. I can always make them the night before and pop them in the toaster for an instant breakfast on the go (the sweetness of the banana pairs perfect with black coffee).

Cheap clean eats, indeed!

My little daughter really enjoyed it too! And now, for some selfies 🙂

Flare Lite_20150501_181418 Flare Lite_20150501_190538 Flare Lite_20150501_190703

Take note that this is only ideal for kids as snacks, not serves as a full meal.



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