Crab Tales From The City


C R A B S. I absolutely love to try crabs (among other things). So when I was invited to eat at Arpochi’s in Davao, I didn’t hesitate. Oh well, another one of those hashtag cheatday moments.

The very first local branch of Arpochi’s is located in Marbel, South Cotabato. They also have a branch in General Santos City. And just last 2011, they finally set sails and brought their seafood expertise to Davao City.

Don’t be surprised when they hand out a menu that has only a few items listed, don’t get me wrong all of the food they serve is really delicious. All three branches are owned and managed by family members, for sure you’ll get the same taste and quality on every local branch near your area.

True, I was overwhelmed by the huge crabs that they serve (the quantity and quality is just too much for the price). It was prepared with their signature Sweet and Spicy recipe. Perfectly cooked meat, not dry or soggy. Really juicy with hints of pepper and garlic, drenched in an unforgettable sweet sauce (not too sweet though).

I rarely touch the food I eat but that moment at Arpochi’s, I happily ate with so much gusto using only my hands. The crabs and the sauce were too tempting (oops, I ate more than my share). ;)

Arpochi’s Sweet & Spicy Crabs is a true delight for all seafood aficionados. They also serve prawns, chicken, squid and other dishes but people go to Arpochi’s for the crabs. So you must absolutely try Arpochi’s Sweet & Spicy Crabs when you’re in Davao City.

The Apochi’s Davao Branch is located along Palma Gil Street, Obrero, Davao City. It might take a while to have your delicious crabs prepared so don’t hesitate to call them up first to reserve seats and to order in advance. You may call them at +6382-305-8246. They are open Mondays to Sundays from 10 am to 10 pm.

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