Basking Under the Harvest Moon

I’m not really a big fan of cafes, I dunno…I find them really intimidating and too pricey on the menu. But lately, these lovely shops are growing like mushrooms in our humble city of Digos. Everyone’s saying good things about the food and the drinks. When it comes to food, my mind really wanders off — slowly pulsating to a swirly sensation of food porn inside my memory bank. I couldn’t help myself but well… food is good! And so it goes….

First foodie destination: Denise Citylight Cafe located at Quezon Avenue, Tres De Mayo. It was an out of the blue food trip with the office mates. Although their soothing ambiance is super nice, it would’ve been great if they had a bigger space. I love their concept of sepia lights, laid-back chill music, and really cozy stalls and sofa chairs.

We ordered Creamy Tuna Carbonara (Php95) and Plain Milk Shake (Php55). As I was looking at their menu, my eyes were glued to the delicious cake display in front of us (we’re sitting really close to the counter). There was a whole layer of Red Velvet Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Moist Cake on the display. And my konsensya was like Ugh why did I order Carbonara when all the while I’m craving for a slice of cake?

Their customer service is really good, they serve orders fast. When our orders finally arrived, I couldn’t help but gaze at the creamy goodness of the pasta sauce with their special mix of tuna chunks, herbs and spices. It was totally a feast to the eyes, and it made me think of the movie Ratatouille. I was describing the flavor sensations inside my head, haha! A delicious fusion of creamy milk and savory tuna goodness with buttery garlic bread on the side, all rolled into one healthy serving. I was eating with so much gusto! All that stress from the day’s work was totally gone.

Appetite-wise, the milk shake was just too sugary for me. I should’ve ordered something not too sweet to contrast the creamy aftertaste like calamansi juice. Too bad I ended up not being able to finish my pasta. Oh well…

They also have other delicious menus that I’m looking forward to try next time. Hopefully! Till next visit, see you again someday soon Denise ❤

Check out their Facebook page too:






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